"The music of deep strings offers an outstanding mix of rhythm, melody and text in lyrique pop-chansons, virtuos jazz improvisations and latin folkmusic."

deep strings, this are Anne-Christin Schwarz and Stephan Braun. Since 2000 the two Berliners keep developing their own unique sound. With brillant timing, amazing virtuosity and stunning new cellotechniques they astonish the audience. deep strings are 1st prize winners of the Jazz and Blues Award Berlin and played on several Festivals. They are touring with the actual program from their CD called "Façon".


"...ein Konzert der Superlative..." (MZ)

"...ein Hörerlebnis der besonderen Art..." (TLZ)

"...tiefe Saiten auf hohem Niveau..." (MZ)

"...das ganze Spektrum an Gefühlsschattierungen..." (TA)

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